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When mold invades your home, you need a mold remediation expert who can find the sources of moisture and water damage that cause mold growth, understand how to properly remove mold quickly and thoroughly also taking steps to prevent it from returning. For many residents and businesses in Atlanta, Georgia, and all other nearby communities, FloodX is the mold removal expert of choice. Since 1996, we’ve provided exceptional water damage services throughout the Greater Atlanta area. We would be proud to put our water and mold removal expertise to work for you, helping ensure that you and your family live in the healthiest home environment possible.

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**$75 mold Inspection**

Mold can’t grow without moisture, so the first line of defense in mold remediation is water removal. Our 24/7 emergency water extraction service involves the use of a truck-mounted, high-power vacuum to quickly remove all types of standing water from a home, including sewage and flood water. We’ll perform any cleaning and disinfection necessary also bring in specialized equipment to thoroughly dry out structures and their contents as quickly as possible to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

If you’ve already found mold in your house, there’s no need to panic. Just call FloodX, and we’ll send an experienced and certified technician to conduct a visual mold inspection for a $150 fee. Unlike mold removal companies that use scare tactics to make a sale, we’ll simply explain where the mold infestation is located, how serious the problem is, and provide you with a detailed, written estimate for our mold removal service. If necessary, FloodX technicians will perform air quality testing, gathering air samples in and around your home and sending those samples to a third-party lab for evaluation. If you choose FloodX to perform the mold remediation process, your inspection fee will be applied to your remediation project, which will be skillfully carried out using one or more proven mold removal methods. FloodX is the Mold Removal Specialist Residents & Businesses in the Atlanta, GA, Metro Area Can Trust

We utilize a wide range of proven mold removal techniques facilitated by advanced technology to deliver results. In addition to standard soda blasting with sodium bicarbonate, we are one of the only firms in Atlanta that offers dry ice blasting, which can remove mold without added chemicals. We’re also experts at mold remediation in crawlspaces. Our team can remove moldy insulation, strip the wood with dry ice, and then finish your crawlspace with a protective sealant, which is covered by a generous warranty.


While we work in the home, we can seal off the affected area and create a negative pressure environment using HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers. This prevents mold from spreading and infecting the rest of your property. In cases where mold has already spread, we can offer many additional services, such as removing and cleaning affected items. FloodX even handles demolition and reconstruction for the worst infestations, removing all debris and repairing structures without the need of an outside contractor. No matter the extent of our work, we recommend hiring  a third-party company to inspect the results, ensuring your home has clean bill of health and that you and your family are in a safe and healthy environment.

If you think you may have a water or mold problem in your home, don’t wait. Call FloodX and let us put our water damage and mold remediation experience to work for you in Atlanta, GA, or any of the surrounding areas.