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Smoke Odors and How to Remove Them Following a House Fire

Smoke smells linger and can be difficult to remove, here are some ways to remove the smoke smell from clothes, carpets, and other household items. If you have a smoky smell in your home, the best thing to do is open the windows and doors for a few hours. If it's not possible to open up all of your windows and doors, then you should use a fan to circulate fresh air through your home. When it comes to furniture the first step is to find the source of the smoke smell. If it's coming from inside a couch cushion,… Read More

How Flood Damage Can Damage Your Foundation

How Flood Damage Can Damage Your Foundation Every year, the entire area of Florida experiences heavy rains and floods whenever there's a heavy storm or hurricane. Floods can damage your flooring materials, structural wood, and drywall. Or even worse, destroy your house's foundation. The most critical aspect of holding your foundation together is what secures and keeps it sturdy to withstand the test of However; flooding can shake its core, resulting in catastrophic damages.  It's therefore essential to be aware of flood damage and what it can cause to your foundation.  Cracks  Cracks are the most common problems any foundation… Read More

How To Detect Mold In Your House

How To Detect Mold In Your House Telling whether there's mold in your home is such an uphill task—it forms in hard-to-see areas, including ventilation ducts, inside the walls, and more. Yet it's an important thing to do. Mold is detrimental to your walls and your overall health. Mold can cause chronic fatigue, frequent headaches, breathing difficulties, and more.  So how would you know there's mold in your house? Most people use their sense of smell to check for mold in their homes. A damp smell in your home may indicate the presence of mold in your house. It's also… Read More

Do you have a home evacuation plan?

Living near the coast can be such an enjoyable experience but as we know sometimes the water doesn’t always stay on the beach. Sometimes mighty storms can kick in, destroying your property and putting your family and pets in danger. While your home may be far from the shore, strong winds and floodwaters can be pretty damaging.  That's why it's necessary to create an evacuation plan to enhance safety during and after a hurricane. Often, when authorities declare a mandatory evacuation, you'll have few days to prepare. It may not give you enough grace period to put everything in place.… Read More

What To Do When Your Toilet Overflows and You’re not at home

What To Do When Your Toilet Overflows and You're not at home Have you ever been away from home, then when you get back, you find a flood crisis at home? Well, this occurs. The toilet may overflow when you are away and cause a mess at home.  If you want to avoid such a situation or even to be prepared, it is paramount that you are well equipped. This article will offer suggestions on what to do when your toilet overflows, and you are not at home. Tips on what to do when your toilet overflows - First step… Read More

How to Protect your Home from Mold Damage

How to Protect your Home from Mold Damage Mold is destructive to valuable property. The damage resulting from mold isn’t typically covered by standard homeowner’s policies. It is important to learn how to combat mold. Mold grows on any surface Mold can grow inside or outside your home. In permanently damp conditions, it grows and spreads rapidly, all year-round. Mold is favored by places with high humidity levels, including kitchens, ceilings, basements and leaky walls in bathrooms. Your homeowner’s insurance policy won’t cover mold damage Mold is a maintenance issue that is not covered under standard insurance. In cases where… Read More

The Do’s and Dont’s of Cleaning up Fire Damage

The Do’s and Dont's of Cleaning up Fire Damage Damages caused by fire are always devastating. It is highly recommended for property owners to approach professional damage restoration companies to carry out the cleaning up exercise to prevent any hazardous incidences from happening. Nevertheless, there are some activities that anyone without professional knowledge can undertake to prepare the groundwork for further cleaning by specialists. Interestingly, there are some procedures that shouldn’t be attempted by homeowners because they might complicate or hinder the process of cleaning up the fire damage. Some dos and don’ts are discussed in this post.  The Dos… Read More