Black Mold Removal Services for Residents in Atlanta, GA, and Surrounding Areas

Black Mold Removal Atlanta GADo you need to call a black mold removal company? Perhaps you are worried about a “musty” smell in your home in Atlanta, GA, or surrounding community. Or maybe you are noticing discoloration on the walls or floors of your home. If this sounds familiar, especially if you’ve experienced water damage, you might need to contact the mold removal experts at FloodX. We’ve provided exceptional mold removal services to residents in Atlanta and surrounding areas since 1996, and we would be proud to put our expertise to work for you.

Here’s what you can expect when you contact FloodX about black mold removal services for your home in Atlanta and surrounding areas:

  • We will send a certified and highly experienced technician to your home to conduct a visual mold inspection for a $75 dollar fee.
  • If necessary, we will perform air quality testing by gathering air samples and sending them off to a third-party lab for evaluation.
  • If you choose us to perform your black mold removal project, your $75 dollar inspection fee will be applied to your remediation project.
  • After we have skillfully used our proven mold removal methods to clean your home, we will hire a third-party company to inspect the results and make sure that your home is a clean and healthy.

When you entrust us with your mold removal project, our professionals will seal off the affected area in your home and use HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers to prevent mold from spreading. We use advanced technology to aid in mold removal, with methods that include soda blasting with sodium bicarbonate, and dry ice blasting, which removes mold without added chemicals. Additionally, our technicians offer detailed hand cleaning in hard to reach areas like crawlspaces, as well as cleaning and recovery of household contents such as fabric, carpets, and rugs. We often are able to clean these items in your home, saving you the expense of having to get these items cleaned offsite. Also, while our goal is to make your home healthy without having to remove interior structures like walls or cabinets, if the situation requires demolition, you can trust FloodX to handle tear down, reconstruction, and repair of highly infected areas.

For more information about our mold removal services, including black mold removal, for your home in Atlanta and surround Georgia communities, contact FloodX today.