Ask Mold Removal Experts – Does Mold on the Vent Covers in My Atlanta, GA, Home Mean My HVAC Unit has Mold?

Mold Removal Experts Atlanta GAOne question many mold removal experts get from homeowners in Atlanta, Georgia, is whether the sight of mold growth on vent covers is something to worry about. While you may worry that seeing mold growth on the vents inevitably means that there is mold growing in your HVAC unit, you can breathe a sigh of relief when you learn that that may not necessarily be the case.

Here’s what happens: in spring and summer, cold air is coming out of those vents (also known as registers). When cold air, delivered by your HVAC unit, meets the warmer, more humid air inside your home, condensation forms on the vents. Just think about how an ice cold can of soda sitting on a table on a hot day can cause water to form on the outside of the can and leave a pool of water when you pick it up. When that same scenario is applied in your home, you may find that just a small amount of moisture can promote the formation of mold on your vents.

The good news is that oftentimes the mold is limited just to the register. Mold removal experts recommend cleaning these small amounts of mold wearing protective gear and using a diluted bleach solution. However, the best thing you can do is prevent condensation and mold growth in the first place by keeping your home at consistent temperatures and checking your air ducts for leaks, which can increase home humidity levels.

If you’re still concerned that there may be mold growing inside the HVAC unit at your Atlanta, GA, home, contact the mold removal experts at FloodX. We offer visual inspections for a small fee and will credit that amount to your FloodX mold removal project if you are in need of our expert mold removal services.