Mold in Your Basement? What to do Next

Mold in Basement Atlanta GAIf you’ve just discovered mold in the basement of your Atlanta, Georgia, home, you may be worried and wondering what to do next. After all, we’ve all heard numerous stories about the harmful side effects and health hazards of having mold in your home. Some of the symptoms include itchy eyes, skin rashes, runny noses, and, more seriously, an increase in respiratory problems such as asthma. Before you panic, however, take a moment to educate yourself about mold and carefully consider your next step.

You may wish to talk to mold removal specialists and determine whether the growth is something you can handle yourself or if you need to call in a professional. If you can be sure there is only a small amount of mold in your basement, you may be able to handle it yourself with bleach and water. However, if you continue to smell a musty odor after you’ve cleaned visible mold, you may have hidden growth and will need expert assistance to remove it. You will probably also require professional assistance to ensure safe removal of mold if large areas of your house are affected as well. Be sure that you only talk to mold removal specialists who are licensed and certified, and affiliated with national disaster restoration associations.

After the mold is removed, you will want to take measures to prevent it from coming back. If you have extensive moisture or water damage in your basement, you may need the services of a remediation company to completely remove the water and thoroughly dry the area. Make sure you find the source of the water and take whatever steps necessary to prevent water damage from recurring in order to reduce the risk of having to face the consequences of mold infestation again.

If you need to talk to a mold removal and remediation specialist about mold growing in the basement of your Atlanta, GA, home, contact the professionals at FloodX today.