How to Winterize Your Atlanta Home to Avoid Needing Water Damage Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration Atlanta GAAtlanta, Georgia, residents know that a water damage restoration company is crucial when faced with burst pipes or other water-related disasters. But sometimes the damage that requires calling in the professionals could have been avoided in the first place. For example, taking the time to prepare for the advent of cold weather could help you sidestep water damage in your home.

Before winter sets in, inspect your pipes, paying special attention to those in unheated areas like your garage. If they haven’t been wrapped in protective insulation, take the time to wrap them in fiberglass or foam to help prevent breaks. Additionally, if your kitchen or a bathroom has pipes located on exterior-facing walls, you will want to let water drip out of that faucet constantly when temperatures drop below 20 degrees. Additionally, if possible open the cabinet, crawl space, or other door that would hide these pipes in order to expose them to regulated temperatures in your home, making them less likely to freeze.

Another tip to prevent the necessity of water damage restoration services is to keep the thermostat in your home set at 55 degrees or higher, even if you’re out of town, to prevent frozen pipes. And, if you are traveling, you may consider draining the water from the pipes so there is no liquid to freeze. Just turn off the main water valve and then turn on the faucets to allow the remaining water to run out.

If, despite your efforts, you find yourself in need of water damage restoration specialists in Atlanta, GA, turn to the professionals at FloodX. We are certified and insured water damage and mold removal specialists who will restore your home quickly, working tirelessly to ensure you are completely satisfied. Contact us today.