Love at First Sight-Mold and Crawl Space

Mold- loves-crawl space , its a perfect match, they get along great together. Mold loves a damp and humid home with wood and insulation to eat and crawl space has plenty of that. So you have to seperate the two of them, this romance is not working out for you the home owner.

Below we are working with an open air crawl space system.

Step 1.

  • Stop water from entering the crawl space.
  • The first step is to make sure you don’t have a foundation leak or seepage from outside coming in to the crawl space. Now if you do there are several ways to remedy this issue but that’s for a water proofing company to resolve, I’ll stick with the mold issue for now.
  • Once the water intrusion is not an issue we must remove the mold and then have a plan to control or prevent re growth. If there was no water intrusion then air flow and humidity were most likely the culprit or combo of all.
  • Things to look for areĀ  closed vents or not enough vents, missing vapor barrier or plumbing dumping or leaking into crawl space.

Step 2.

  • Next we remove the mold
  • Hepa vacuum all surfaces in the crawl space
  • Then we dryice or soda blast with high velocity air pressure to remove the mold and its roots from the wood.
  • The wood is then cleaned with antimicrobial disinfectants
  • Next we seal the wood with a mold preventative encapsulate.
  • Replace the vapor barrier and insulation.

Very effective, your crawl space will be an enviting place when we are done, smelling clean and looking like new!

Step 3.

  • Prevention

Be attentive to your crawl space, Feed for Atlanta’s Water Damage Expert people generally don’t like to go in the crawl space and leave them lonely, mold comes along sweeping them off there feet.
Check your plumbing for leaks, HVAC unit may be in there if so check condinsate line for leaks, watch out for water after heavy rains. If you spend a few minutes once a month doing a quick “look through” you can save yourself the hassle of a mold love triangle.