We Can Dry The Wood Floors In Your Home After a Water Damage

Wood is the most versatile building material we use in our home. The frame of our house is built with wood, the walls have wood paneling and floors are wood planks. Wood is the most widely used product in home building. So when we experience a water damage wood is usually involved. Typically when the wood structure is affected by water there is no damage as long as its not an ongoing issue and the frame is dried quickly.

Wood Floor Drying

Drying a wood floor

During construction most homes are caught in the rain at least once before completion and there are usually no water damage issues. When we have a refrigerator leak or dishwasher discharge on the kitchens’ wood flooring  this is when wood floor drying issues occur. Unlike the wood frame of our homes the wood flooring is finished and this finish traps moisture. When the moisture is trapped it causes cupping or waves in the planks so that the edges of the plank are higher than the centers. So we have to remove the moisture and in doing so flatten out the floor. As the wood planks are not sponges and can not be wrung out, we achieve the moisture removal with these basic steps.

  • First extract as much water from the floor as possible. We use a high powered vacuum and vacuum panel attached to the floor to pull water out.
  • Secondly we put floor drying panels on top of the floor to create an air floor on the backside of the wood panels
  • The most important step is temperature and humidity control. Using a dehumidifier, heater and vapor barrier system we control the air in the drying area to a science.

FloodX can dry your floors flat typically no refinishing is required. There are a few exceptions depending on the floor construction and duration of saturation. If you have a wet wood floor and need our help please contact our Atlanta office at 678-300-6090