Water removal service in Atlanta GA

water-damage1When it comes to water damage, a fast response is imperative to prevent further damage. Flood-x responds immediately and are on-site in less than 90 minutes. With over 16 years of experience in the industry, Flood-X’s team of professionals will asses the water damage and advise the most suitable plan of action. After all standing water has been removed, the structure must be thoroughly dried in order to prevent further damage from which can lead to mold growth. Flood-X is completely prepared with the proper equipment to address any size problem, using the most advance drying techniques and equipment in the industry. With air-mover machines, water moisture is drawn from wet carpet and surfaces through evaporation into the air. Dehumidifiers draw moisture out of the air, and drain the collected moisture. Flood-X monitors the moisture present on and below surfaces with a moisture meter, in order to ensure all water has been properly extracted. All Flood-X team members are I.I.C.R.C. certified technicians, and have the knowledge and experience to provide complete satisfaction, and an effective service. Call us now for immediate scheduling or service.  Flood-X performs the following services:

  • waterdamage-2Extract as much water as possible as quickly as possible to prevent “secondary damages”.
  • We use a truck mounted high power vacuum which extracts all the standing moisture.
  • Moisture inspection and mapping with infra-red cameras and meters to determine extent of water damaged area and materials.
  • Calculate the drying equipment needed such as dehumidifiers, fans and heating/cooling requirements to dry structure and contents as fast as possible.
  • We will provide daily monitoring of structure and equipment to insure proper dry-out.
  • Once the structure is dry- pick-up of drying equipement and visual inspection of all damaged areas along with meter testing to confirm no more moisture.
  • Contents can be dried such as sofas, rugs, chairs ect. on site as the area affected will become a drying chamber. Some items may require removal and specialty drying at our location.