How Do I Dry Wood Flooring?

Wood flooring can be salvaged after a water damage if you act quickly.

First we must extract the water trapped under the floor planks this is achieved using a floor panel extraction tool hooked to a powerful truck mounted vacuum system. The extraction step requires patience when removing water trapped under the flooring  it can take a couple of hours to extract a large kitchen or living room. Next we set up a floor drying system over the wet wood floor. The floor system is a panel system which puts a negative pressure on floor boards and creates an air flow to speed evaporation. Next the floor drying system is then covered with 6 mil plastic creating a drying tent, a special heater blows hot dry air over the damage wood floor under the “tent”. The heated air and the negative air flow from floor drying system create the drying condition required to speed dry the flooring. This drying mehod is adjusted using dehumidifiers and desiccant dryers in place of or along with heaters but we find the heat drying is the fastest method.

Some questions we get..

  • How long will it take to dry my floor ?…We’t can tell you exactly how long but the dry times are anywhere from 2 days to 6 average time with proper set up is 3 days.wood_floor_drying
  • How do I know the floor is dry ?…Floodx uses moisture meters and infra-red cameras to detect moistre but a wood floor will show it’s dry by lying flat.
  • Will I need to refinish the floor ?….Not unless there are stains or cracking, we dry floors from cupped to flat with-out damage to the wood.
  • Cant I just wait and it will dry by itself ?…Yip sure can, I’ve seen this suggestion on the web and it’s true it ‘MAY” dry out and you should get mold.
  • How much does this service cost ?.. With any service depends on the size of damage but the cost to dry is considerably less than replacement, not mention less mess and down time for repairs.
  • Where can I get a floor drying machine?..Most restoraion companies rip floors out, you have to rent from a structural drying pro like us! or check your local water damage companies for a structural drying specialist with advanced training in wood floor drying.
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