Biggest Mistakes Vacuuming Water

Biggest Mistakes when Vacuuming Water
by Ryan Coble, Marketing Editorial Coordinator August, 2010
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In the unfortunate event of standing water inside your home, it is important to know how to successfully remove flooded water. Water extraction professionals can recant “believe it or not” stories about homeowner’s ineffective and often ludicrous attempts when removing water. Laying out several towels and using a standard vacuum is not efficient when removing water, yet some homeowners believe such methods will save money, rather than calling an extraction company.
In actuality, this mindset will cost consumers and raise additional problems such as mold growth. All too often, homeowners attempt removing water with ‘do-it-yourself’ methods, only to learn their affected area is now home to hundreds of mold spores. One of the most common ways mold exponentially grows is from lack of proper care during the presence of standing water. The average homeowner is not equipped with the proper tools and machines to remove excessive standing water.