Mold removal -when to call a pro?

Alot of our customers have asked whether or not they can remove mold themselves or if they need to call a professional service in. Well first thing to evaluatue is the extent of mold contamination in your home or business and that is usually a case of visual inspection. If there is less than 10sqft. of mold say on your bathroom ceiling, the EPA’s recomendation is that it can be removed with out calling in a professional remediation service.

This does not mean take no precautions, some molds have mycotoxins which may be harmful to you, you can find out more about DIY mold removal on our KNOWLEDGE section which will link you to the EPA’s website. Now here is the tricky part of evaluating your mold contamination sometimes it’s not simply mold in one spot, sometimes mold growth may be a small area over here and some on the leather sofa and a little on the baseboards. This is where cleaning up mold yourself can cause more damage than good. People see small amounts of mold say through-out a basement and start wipping (spreading) the mold spores causing the spores to migrate somewhere else possibly another area which may not have been affected. If you have small amounts of mold growing over a large area the air is carrying the spores from place too place this requires a professional remediation service. So to sum up, yes you can remove a small amount of mold using precautions but be careful not to under estimate your contamination level, and always wear protective equipment.