Tips-Drying Wet Carpet

Drying a carpet with padding can be a difficult task
Attempting to extract water from carpet padding without a weighted extractor will result in water being left in pad
selulting  in extended drying and possibly mold growth.
Here are a few tips on how we do it

1. First we extract 97% of the water from the carpet and padding without cutting or damaging the carpet using a weighted extraction machine connected to our powerful truck vacuum. Sanitizers are added to carpeting and wet structure.

2. Then a precise calculation of dehumidifiers, air movers and wall drying equipment required to effectively dry the damaged area as fast as possible.Textractionhe drying equipment is set in a the correct areas and a drying chart is established to closely monitor the drying process.

3.Next  a daily inspection and monitoring of the drying process to insure complete and effective drying of all structure and materials.

4.Remove equipment on complete drying of structure. Average dry time 2-4 days depending upon materials to be dried and conditions of drying area.

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