Structural Drying Technology

Clean-up from flood damage can be costly to property owners , structural drying may save money.

Often times, the mitigation process after a water emergency such as a flood, entails a complex drying process which inconveniences property owners. Flood-X is a  water removal company which specializes in STRUCTURAL DRYING.

As an alternative to traditional drying methods,Flood-X uses state of the art drying technology to extract water from floods, without the need to remove carpet and hardwood. This process can save thousands in repair costs!

When an unexpected flood occurs in a home, hotel or business customers experience a 3-4 day turn around period for their property to be restored. However, with Flood-X’s structural drying process, property owners’ experience a shorter turn-around time since structural drying creates a FASTER, EFFICIENT drying process with less damage.

If you unfortunately experience a pipe burst, water leak or flooded area on your  Atlanta property, call FLOOD-X for a more cost effective solution to extract water from your property.