Tips for Mold Removal in Buford GA

Buford GA, we found mold

It is strongly suggested that you consult with a mold remediation company. Professionals such as Flood-X, are highly trained and experienced in taking precautions when removing mold in your home. The following list provides tips to consider for mold removal in the Metro Atlanta area:

  • When discovering mold in the  Atlanta area, wear face masks when around mold infected environments. Disposable face masks such as N95’s are inexpensive and are ideal and can be purchased at Home Depot. Use this mask and protective clothing while investigation your mold issue.
  • Use caution removing mold, only small areas 10 foot square or less should be attempted without calling in professional help.
  • For small DIY jobs here is a link to the EPA step by step.

If you have more than 10 ftsq, in Buford GA call 678.300.6090