Sewage CleanUp in Atlanta

Sewageup poses a very significant threat to human health.

In the event of a sewage backflow in your  Atlanta home, proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures should be followed to prevent illness. Raw sewage contains biological agents such as bacteria, viruses, fungi ad parasites that can cause illness and even death. You should contact a sewage clean-up service immediately upon discovering a sewage spill in your home. Make sure a professional company which specializes in sewage clean-up repairs your damage.

The following information provides homeowners with proper sewage clean up procedures:

1.Upon discovering sewage backup in your Metro Atlanta home, wear protective clothing such as rubber boots and waterproof gloves and full face respirators.

2.Raw sewage may require shoveling, vacuuming into a household shop vac may not be succesful.

3.Be sure to wash all linens and clothing in hot water and disinfectant.

4.Discard all items that cannot be adequately cleaned of sewage into a plastic trash bag.

5.Check with local health department for proper disposal of debris and contamination, all raw sewage must be disposed of properly.

6.Clean walls, hard surfaced floors and other household surfaces with soap and water. Then, disinfect items with a bleach solution or antimicrobial disinfectant. Once cleaning is complete- dry out affected items to prevent mold growth.

7.You must remove all structure which can harbour moisture and is not fully cleanable such as; wood floors,carpe,padding, drywall ect.

Do not take short cuts, saving the carpet or wood floor may result in a serious health concern or mold issue. If your issue is beyond

a quick clean up we suggest calling in a local sewage cleanup or restoration company.